Envelopments Dealer

I can’t express how devastated I was to find out that Paper Zone was closing. I shopped there several times a week, and had built relationships with most of the employees there. They closed all 8 of their stores throughout Oregon and Washington, and I was not the only one who was sad about this. Apparently they had been steadily losing money for the past several years, to the point where they could no longer stay open. It’s so important to shop local and support our community!

Paper Zone was one of the only places where you could find a large amount of specialty paper, envelopes, and pocketfolds to create invitations or stationery projects for your event. The only other option is trekking up to Portland, which isn’t always ideal.

Early this year, I became a licensed dealer of Envelopments specialty paper products, and I am able to sell almost all the same stationery products that Paper Zone carried. If you need anything from paper, envelopes, liners, favor boxes, pocketfolds…etc, I would be happy to help you place an order!

This is a great option for the DIY’ers who love creating stationery projects, or for the crafty bride on a budget who would prefer to design her own invitations. Even though I design invitations, I’m happy to just sell you the paper. No obligation to use my design services unless you need design help. I can’t replace Paper Zone, but hopefully I can help you order your favorite paper products.

Be sure to visit the Envelopments website to check out all their products and pricing. If you would like more information about Envelopments, feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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